500w 1000w تولید کننده مستقیم برش لیزر فلزی دستگاه برش لوله cnc

دستگاه برش لوله

توضیحات محصول

ویژگی های اصلی
1.Adopt gantry structure , Cast cross-girder integrally, higher rigidity, stability, shock resistance of laser machinery.
2.High-performance laser source and stable operating system,which makes the best cutting effect.
3.The machine owns perfect cooling system,lubrication system and dust removal system,which make sure the machine can operate stable,efficient and durable of laser cutting machine.
4.The machine has automatic height adjustment,which keeps the focal length constant and stable cutting quality.
5.The machine is used for cutting a variety of metal,the cutting effect is excellent and stable.
6.With a specialized CAD / CAM automatic programming software, automatic nesting software to maximizing saving raw materials.
7.Through the Ethernet interface directly to communicate with the CNC system , to achieve communication and remote monitoring for the laser cutting process.

Technical Parameter of laser cutting machine
T6 / T9 / T12
Laser Working Meduim
Fiber Laser Module
Cutting Gas Pressure
MaxOutput Power
Pulse Width
فرکانس نبض
Laser Power Stability
Pipe Wall Cutting Thickness
6000mm/ 9000mm/ 12000mm
Work Table Axis Position Accurancy

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جزئیات سریع

شرط: جدید
محل مبدا: آنهویی ، چین (سرزمین اصلی)
نام تجاری: ACCURL
Model Number: T6
ولتاژ: 380 ولت
Rated Power: 3000w
Dimension(L*W*H): 12500*7900*2650mm
وزن: 11000 کیلوگرم
Certification: CE ISO SGS
Warranty: 3 Years
خدمات پس از فروش ارائه شده: مهندسین موجود در ماشین آلات خدمات در خارج از کشور
Cutting Mode: Water Cooling
نوع لیزر: لیزر فیبر
کاربرد: برش لیزری
Cutting Thickness: 0-25mm
Cutting Area: 0-6000mm
Cutting Speed: 0-35m/min
CNC یا Not: بله
Laser Power: 1000w/2000w/2500W/3000w
Pipe Lenth: 4000mm/6000mm
keyword: laser cutting machine